Friday, 21 October 2011

Awesome Mind Reader

This thing definitely can read minds! We can't really say how, but, possibly, it uses the magnetic sensor of your phone! It's free! It's multiscreen! Try it!

Punch Guys You Hate

            Have you ever wanted to punch somebody so badly? Like your boss, colleague  or a classmate? Of cource you HAVE! We want to introduce to you something that can help to feel that relief from the punch!
There are thousands of men all over the world, who have already felt it with that. All you have to do is to imagine this guy, draw and customize him, and start to punish!

                               -It's HD!
                               -It's multiscreen !
                               -It's FREE!
                               -It's AdFree!
                               -It's angry, awesome and crazy!
                               -It has awesome soundtrack, reminding dubstep and dnb!

       It is not really a game, it's an application, that can help you to feel relief!